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The Authentic Italian Pizza

Pizza is said to have originated in Naples, Italy, but the etymology of the word pizza is uncertain.

The term was first coined in the 10th century in the town of Gaeta, a quaint seaside port located on the western coast of Italy, about 80 miles from Naples. It has been said that a Bishop in the town of Gaeta was to receive 12 pizzas every Christmas Day and 12 pizzas every Easter Sunday. 

There is something so unique and perfect about the pizza made in Italy. It’s thin, it’s crispy, it’s not bad for you and it is delicious. Now, be reminded, I am specifically talking about authentic Italian pizza; not a frozen block or Chicago deep dish. I am referring to the authentic, paper thin version cooked in a wood-burning oven at temperatures in excess of 750 degrees fahrenheit using only fresh buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and San Marzano tomatoes. The fresh ingredients, authentic oven and a little “amore” are what makes Italy famous for the pizza we love.

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